What Services Do Orthodontists Provide? 

While general dentists can provide orthodontic services, orthodontists are specialized in this type of services only. The main goal of a Glenelg orthodontist is strengthening the teeth of the patient, but also aligning them and whitening them.

A professional in the field can study any malocclusion that a patient may have and provide a treatment. A malocclusion is an improper teeth positioning when the mouth is closed. This type problem can cause improper bites. Teeth and jaw bones can be moved during a treatment. Additional devices and headgear may have to be used in some cases.

Orthodontics is not only meant for correcting teeth positioning, but also to improve their aesthetics. This means that cosmetic dentistry is included as a practice.

The following things can be achieved by orthodontists: straightening teeth that are crooked, aligning the tips of the teeth, closing wide gaps, treating improper bites, preventing tooth wear, improving the health of the gums and the teeth, improving speech and eating, etc.

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Braces are brackets made of wires or bands (using stainless steel, ceramics and other materials) that are meant to hold the teeth in a certain position for the purpose of correction.

Brackets are placed in front of the teeth and bands are placed around the teeth. Wires have the shape of an arch, they go through the brackets and they can be attached to the bands.

When the wire is tightened, each tooth is pushed to the desired position. One visit is required per month for adjusting the braces.

Teeth Whitening

Today, teeth whitening has become a frequent request and orthodontists are able to satisfy this demand. According to studies, most practitioners have patients who ask for this type of treatment.

Teeth can lose their color with age, but they can also be stained when people drink coffee, red wine, cola and other colored drinks. The procedures used for whitening do not last much and they are painless. A preparation phase is needed for isolating the gums and the lips. Then, a gel is usually applied on the teeth.


Through Invisalign, plastic trays and other types of trays are used for keeping the teeth in place. Invisalign aligners are great choices for obtaining a high level of comfort, convenience and a nice appearance. The treatment has a minimal impact on the way you live.

But, the results can greatly affect your lifestyle in a positive way. Many people can benefit from this procedure, as they can improve their smile in the end.

Orthodontics is not only for teeth, as it can have an impact on the structure of the whole face. This practice can literally change lives, because it can be able to change the appearance of people for the better.

It is known that image has a big role in today’s society. In addition to this, you can feel more comfortable, you can eat better and you can avoid health problems.